Governments around the world have ‘opened’ data as part of the Open Government Partnership promoting multilateral initiatives and seeking strong commitments from participating government institutions to promote transparency, harness and include new technologies and to make the government more open, effective and accountable. Extractive data, including  oil and gas industries, are highly sought after. Making data on the extractives industry accessible and interactive generates public interest and helps further the understanding of the importance of this sector as a vehicle for poverty reduction and promotes openness and transparency in other sectors.

In order to take the data to a wider range of stakeholders our aim is to create a ‘demand’ for easily understood data which leads to wider citizen engagement and empowerment. Several organisations are collaborating to host sequenced events around the globe in 2013 to showcase the benefits of open, interactive and accessible extractives data. This blog is the place where you can keep track of what these organisations are up to and the latest developments on the follow the data project.

Participating Organisations:


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